sigfox connectivity

mOmkin is the exclusive Sigfox operator in Oman, providing your connectivity nationwide. With Sigfox, we make things alive at low power, low cost, on a simple and reliable way.


Define your IOT strategy and transformation roadmap.

Device Management

Identify the Sigfox compliant devices & sensors, or together, design bespoke devices to answer your needs.

IOT Solutions

Provide your business centric platform and apps to monitor all your IOT devices. Step into IOT with ready-made solutions or develop customized applications

What We Do

mOmkin will bring IoT to Oman using SIGFOX technology. The ability to network embedded devices with limited costs, memory and power resources means that IoT finds applications in nearly every field. That’s mean mOmkin hold the prospect of revolutionizing the following sectors:

sectors covered

Home & Lifestyle


Retail, Finance & Other services

Public Sector

Automotive & Fleet



Agriculture & Environment